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Practice Exercises

 The National Spanish Assessments is pleased to offer FREE vocabulary practice through Lingco Language Labs. Lingco is an adaptive language instruction platform built from the ground up for instructors to easily be able to create, assign, and grade content for their respective language.


Once teachers create a FREE instructor account on the Lingco platform, teachers will be able to assign specific NSE vocabulary sets to their students to learn. From there, teachers will be able to identify gaps in vocabulary knowledge, because Lingco Language Labs provides detailed tracking information for each student and for each vocabulary set.


To create your FREE account, please follow the steps below:

Registration Steps


Step 1: Create an instructor account by clicking on the following link:


Step 2: Click on the following links below to create a copy of the courses for each level:


Step 3: Invite your students to each course by clicking on each course in the course sidebar, navigating to the roster, and clicking “Add and Invite students.”

More Information:


Step 4 (Optional): Content can be previewed and optionally assigned for completion by clicking on the item and enabling “Assign to class.”

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